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Wireframe Christmas Lights


Last year, I started making my own wireframe light sculptures.  I've got a few done, having learned basic bending and welding techniques.  Each of the 3 puffs of chimney smoke on the Gingerbread house is wired separately.  A sequencer lights them one at a time to animate them.  Same for the flags on Santas Workshop.  There are actually 2 flags on each roof peak.  Each is in a different position.  As each set sequences from one to the other it appears to be animated flags blowing in the wind.

To get an idea of the scale, the church reaches about 9 feet.  The other two are just a few inches shorter.   I've also got some small angels (about 4 feet tall) and some stars.

All of the wireframes are made from 1/4 inch hot rolled steel.  I designed them on graph paper to make it easy to replicate full size (1 inch = 1 foot, etc.).  Then they are primed and painted with enamel paint.  Clips from Advanced Plastics attach the lights to the frame.  Each of the buildings have between 300 and 400 lights each.  The gingerbread house actually has more including the candy canes and lollipops.

I'm a little short on time this year, so there may only be one or two new additions.  Pictures, as well as full build details will be coming soon.




Wireframe Gingerbread House


Wireframe Church


Santas Workshop Wireframe




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LED Spotlight Racks


These simple racks hold my LED spot lights.  They are cheap, easy to aim and easy to swap out the bulbs if necessary.  I adapted them from similar ones from Lights on Logan.


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How to make Leaping Light Arches


Leaping Light arches were conceived by Kevin and Ken Maxwell.  My inspiration for this project came from the arches made by and their informative PowerPoint presentation and the great videos at Holdman Christmas.


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By the Way

The lights are off!

Wait untill next year.